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#1 Posted : Saturday, 20 February 2021 7:50:24 PM(UTC)

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Lucky me! Sort of.....I have a 1976 Franklin Hunter caravan with rusted out tyre rims

Even though they're made of serious Aussie steel, the rims are still probably too rusted out to salvage (previous owner head in the clouds....no idea about basic care let alone maintenance). Boo hoo!

The problem is I don't know which model Holden to look for in a wreckers. Think

The rims have a 6.5 cm centre bore. They have a 5 hole pattern. Apparently this is an old style rim. Which is no longer being made..?

Hole 1 to mid 5 central bore of hole = 5.5 cm.

Two hole side by side distance from centre to centre = 6.6 cm. Diameter of the tyre ground to tallest part of the tyre is 61 cm.

The tyres are really old Firestones 6.50 - 13

10-UR 80-40794-4

The MADE IN AUSTRALIA stamp get me with this. On the VAN and the TYRES and the rims! I am on a mission now....lol.

The rims have uneven stamping and I'm taking a best guess where the stamp is faint.

Rim 1: JX132 75 I
HOLDEN 22 (and then one letter it looks like a combination of D and C. It's like an open D)

Rim 2:
4.53(or 5only the lower curve of either 3 or 5 is showing) X13 275

Any help from a Holden fanatic (or anyone else with a clue about how I can replace this type of rim) will be really great. (OR dare I say it, Maybe I can use a Ford? I have no idea. lol)

Otherwise I will likely have to replace the axle. Think

Someone said look in a country wreckers but no point if you don't know which model car you're looking for. Fruitless driving around instead of being able to call and ask if they have any X model cars in stock.

I'm in Melbourne.

I did find https://www.canterburyty.../wheels/old-school.html

I suppose I could take the rims there and get a match from them but this is going to be expensive.....

Thanks in advance!!!!!

PS caravan repairers are so busy they don't have time for a problem like this. Everyone has suddenly discovered caravans and Australia.

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#2 Posted : Saturday, 20 February 2021 8:42:52 PM(UTC)

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Sound like old Holden rims, so FE to HR. Nothing is metric on these, should be 4 1/4” PCD.

HK to HG might fit too but they are 5” wide and need 14” tyres. HK are a 1/2” more offset than HT to HG.

Torana should also fit, these are 13” but depending upon which Series may be different widths. 4cyl Commodore are the same as later Torana.

Ford won’t fit, they are 4.5” PCD.

Some Volvo will fit too but are mostly 14” or 15”.

A bit of info here:

You could also go to a trailer place with your wheel and try on hubs. And buy new wheels to suit. Example:

If we all had the same (good) taste, who would buy all the Fords?
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azure5 on 22/02/2021(UTC)
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#3 Posted : Wednesday, 24 February 2021 8:21:43 AM(UTC)

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You could just replace the axle and hubs and get away from 13” wheels altogether.
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#4 Posted : Wednesday, 24 February 2021 9:03:27 PM(UTC)
Premier 350

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I'd be talking to a dedicated trailer parts place. Odds are your van will have either ford or Holden wheel bearings, regardless of the actual wheel used. I'd take a hub to them, and they'll be able to ID the bearings and either get a wheel to suit that hub, or get new hubs and matching wheels.

I've used this mob:https://trailersparesdirect.com.au/blogs/technical-info/identifying-hub-types?_pos=3&_sid=2bcc5e71c&_ss=r A bit far for you, but you'll find similar. As an example, you can get a hub with the ford PCD, but with Holden LM bearings.
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#5 Posted : Friday, 12 March 2021 4:48:00 PM(UTC)

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no big deal. you can buy new hubs with bearings for under $50 just pull off one of the hubs take it to your friendly trailer parts place and they can match it with any wheel bolt pattern you like.get the best ones you can, I had a brand new van and towed it across to brisbane where I found one of the hubs had a crack and had to be rewelded. might pay to buy a spare new hub /bearings as well with a tin of lithium grase.

for the wheels only most likely they will be 13" holden fe- hr bolt pattern, most trailer builders today fit the 14" hk pattern, which is the same as the bolt pattern on the early holdens just bigger rims. if you are buying new rims anyway pays to buy the 14" as tyres are easier to get.

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