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#1 Posted : Sunday, 30 January 2022 11:46:06 AM(UTC)

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Today I found out I have diabetes. To be honest, I'm shocked. Does anyone else have it? Share your experience, please.
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#2 Posted : Sunday, 30 January 2022 2:45:30 PM(UTC)
Dr Terry

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If you mean diabetes type 2, it is very (very !!) commonplace these days.

I have it, so do many of my friends. It is treatable by controlling your diet plus some minimal medication.

Check your sugars regularly & try & keep them under 6.0 & you'll be fine.

Dr Terry (P.S. I am not a medical Dr.)
If at first you don't succeed, just call it Version 1.0
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#3 Posted : Sunday, 8 May 2022 8:44:10 AM(UTC)

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I've had it 23 years. Diagnosed as slowly evolving type 1. Some Docs call it type 2 though, so no idea what type I have. Tried to control it with diet - no go. Tried pills - no go. Eventually I went on to insulin, 4-5 shots daily - easy peasy. I just count the carbs in everything I eat and have the right amount on insulin to counteract the carbs.
Unfortunately, Doctors will always put you on pills, Metformin or whatever.
If your body isn't producing insulin like it should, what's the best way to treat that? Easy, inject insulin.
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#4 Posted : Friday, 24 February 2023 6:04:04 AM(UTC)

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Just diagnosed with the type 2 and i am slightly shocked.
Especially considering that i was following a fruit diet for the last couple of days https://betterme.world/articles/14-day-fruit-diet/. I guess now it all has to stop and i need to adjust my lifestyle to the new reality. Anyone with the same diagnose? How did your life change?

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#5 Posted : Monday, 4 March 2024 2:01:10 PM(UTC)
Castellan 2

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I have type 2 as well.

No one in my family has had it! So why me !
My wife has had it before me and here side has a history of such, but we are not fat ! but not skinny ?

I put it down to here coughing on me when sleeping, i hate that !

Or maybe it's Bed bugs that caused it ! we came home from holidays and brought the bed bugs back with us ! They are a bastard ! took ages to get rid of them ! pest man was useless ! but i killed the eggs with a heat gun ! They for sure are contaminating ones blood i think is why i point such out !

I was pissing like a fountain and when i had to go i had to go when i had to go ! Driving on long trips i would have to pull over regardless ! if the cops got me, i would have to tell them to piss off ! for f sake ! i am an old man get lost ! you can not hold back when your teeth are floating.

Any way my baby brother came down with Prostate Cancer at only 50yo just had the oppo the day after his 50th birthday. he is doing ok so far. so you have to see a quack as soon as you can, He was pissing like a fountain as well !

A mate claims that getting prostate cancer is mainly related to not shaking out the beans enough ? dirty water he claims is no good ! maybe that is true ? People should be more on the ball with such issues i believe and be more open about all such things because to be hiding under a rock is stupid.

Talk to Gay people about such things they know every thing regarding such as that, real men do not talk about such things, but we should be more open. so i just put forward Bed bugs as a maybe thing ? you never know, it may be !

A mate grand dad got bitten by a white tail spider and this killed him after some time with the skin being eaten away more and more, he was totally convinced it was such a spider ! but the Doctors say no ! the white tail spider does not do such ? but what white tail spider and at what month etc may be another story, male or female and when ? i have seen 2 types of such a spider one is fat and other is longer bum, and they jump at you ! and that mate i mentioned he got bitten by one on the leg and it ate his flesh but he was only say 50yo and got it nipped in the bud, but he now recons, the only good spider is a dead one ! he has Zero tolerance for such now.
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