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#121 Posted : Wednesday, 23 October 2013 3:22:11 AM(UTC)

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ok thanks Warren
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#122 Posted : Saturday, 26 October 2013 3:48:23 PM(UTC)

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Just to add weight to the D being "options" I was at a place and saw an HR special in the shed. It has a D on the tag. The car was all white with nice stainless molding down the sides. Never touched by a panel shop. 3 speed 186 with drum booster and wheel trims it had been parked and last registration sticker 1975 14k miles and inside and outside looked like it was in the showroom on display. sitting on original "air ride" crossplies it was sold with. in the glove box was the sales books. old chap was 93 when he stopped driving it in '75 and the family shedded it.
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#123 Posted : Sunday, 22 December 2013 8:35:58 PM(UTC)

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HR2016mr-47120M HR UTE

This has been described to me as a 1968 Model.
As per "Mr Jones" stats of total 70000 produced in Melbourne, there seems to be a flaw in the date. I don't think it is possible that 22880 bodies were built in January 1968 ( when production was ceased I believe)
Would I be correct to assume that it is a 1967 model then?
How can I find the production date?
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#124 Posted : Monday, 23 December 2013 4:40:52 AM(UTC)
Dr Terry

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The chassis number stamped into the firewall is a better indicator of the build date.

You can also check for date codes, on things like alternator. starter & instruments etc.

Dr Terry
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#125 Posted : Tuesday, 24 December 2013 5:54:57 AM(UTC)

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Didn't acrylic come out with the FB/EK?
I do have a whole heap of Spartan paints micro fiche which list the composition of paints. can't read them because I don't have a reader, but from memory they go to about 1969.
Have probably 120 to 130 sheets which would be thousands of combinations for most makes and models.
could be persuaded to part with them
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#126 Posted : Tuesday, 24 December 2013 7:11:43 AM(UTC)

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I may be interested as I have a 'fiche reader in the shed. At this stage I can't copy the 'fiche but I am onto someone who might be able to print them.
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#127 Posted : Wednesday, 29 July 2020 10:27:29 AM(UTC)

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Gday There All,

I have just recently purchased a HR Special Wagon and would love to find out a bit of history on the old girl please. (ie Date Manufactured, Accessories / Options, Paint Colours etc)

Details are as follows:-

BODY:- HR229-9638A
TRIM:- 882-E64
PAINT:- 585-8703
INSERT:- Blank N/A
TOP:- 585-9562

Chassis Number:- HR50124A
Engine Number:- 186P118850

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.


Smitty2 Offline
#128 Posted : Wednesday, 29 July 2020 11:10:12 AM(UTC)

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Originally Posted by: Utility8 Go to Quoted Post
quote:I do not think Dulux were around then I think they went by the name Balm back then.

Talked with my father today about his work with GM-H. He was an industrial chemist working on paint back then.
He originally worked for BALM, (British Australian Lead Manufacturing), from 1946 until 1955. BALM was a paint manufacturer in that era. He then went to GM-H in 1955.
GM-H had the licence from Dupont for technology, manufacture & sales of Duco & Dulux products from about 1936 when the licence was established. Later, approximately 1955, is when Dulon (acrylic) came about.
Asking him about the D on the ID plate, he had no recollection, but did not think it was any reference to paint. Then he went on about paint.

As far as the paint codes on the ID Tag goes.
The first 3 digits, i.e. 585-####, refers to the paint product.
The 500 series, as with HR, is Dulon (acrylic).
The 200 series, possibly earlier Holdens?, is Duco.
The 300 series, is Dulux, possibly a house paint product?

The last 4 digits, i.e. ###-8566, refers to the paint colour.
585-8566, as mentioned by hq-ss earlier in the thread, is Dulon Finisterre Green.

Back in the day, apparently the paint code used on the ID Tags was to reference the bulk paint used at the factory. To get an amount for repairs etc., the actual code was different. Obviously able to cross reference. Costing, bulk versus small lots, was believed to be the reasoning behind it.

Not a lick to do with D issue, but info is info.


Dulux (DuPont paints) bought BALM in 1971
and before that, the prior history of BALM is as follows

1906 - 1918 Australasian United Paint Company (AUP)
1918 - 1955 British Australian Lead Manufacturers Pty Ltd **
1955 - 1964 BALM Paints Pty Ltd
1964 - 1971 BALM Paints Limited
1971 - Dulux Australia Ltd
interesting the product catalogs...

FWIW, when I was being trained at GMH in their secret mens business of 'codes'
D XXX.. meant Dulux paint line
and xxxxx after meant the actual colour code

it stayed that way after the colour codes were changed to 'modernise' these
D still featured

my 2c

.. the company name changed as lead based paints were outlawed in Australia, notably due to the
deaths of a number of young children (from lead paint dust, flakes, even rubbing hands on painted surfaces)
the then 2yo brother of my first wife being amongst those who died :(

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#129 Posted : Friday, 13 November 2020 2:06:15 AM(UTC)

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Hello, the numbers and letters mean different things. For example it might mean a paint colour code or a trim colour etc. For example the number 1704 means Silver Mink paint colour.
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